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Administrative Director, Emergency Trauma Center

Job ID 19713
Job Summary and Responsibilities: The Admin Dir, Nursing, Emergency and Trauma Center (ETC) is responsible for planning, organizing, directing and evaluating the delivery of patient care and the management of operational, financial and regulatory compliance in alignment with organizational goals and the vision of the Department of Patient Care. In addition, the Administrative Director of Nursing collaborates with the Administrator of Patient Care and the Executive Vice President of Patient Care in accomplishing the goals and objectives of the department and the overall goals and objectives of the organization.
1. Directs/supervises Nurse Manager(s), Administrative Nursing Supervisor(s) and Clinical Instructor(s) in planning, implementing monitoring and evaluating patient care according to the established nursing and regulatory standards.
2. Ensures Nurse Manager(s), Administrative Nursing Supervisor(s) and Clinical Instructor(s) accountability for the direction and supervision of staff according to established standards and policy and procedures.
3. Collaborates with human resources and employee relations to promote a culture of safety in the emergency services department.
4. Demonstrates critical care knowledge to lead the department in achieving and sustaining excellence in nursing care in high acuity.
5. Demonstrates administrative/managerial competency in leading patient care departments including strategic planning and business planning for the development of the staff and the patient care services.
6. Ensures that the delivery of patient care and the nursing practice are in compliance with patient safety policies and procedures, risk management standards and legal requirements of nursing licensing boards, regulatory agencies and accrediting agencies.
7. Proactively monitors and plans budget for appropriate allocation of resources and efficient productivity.
8. Develops, allocates, administers and evaluates the ETC nursing budget process and day-to-day patient care operations as it involves departmental revenue and expenses.
9. Delegates, directs and supervises appropriate aspects of the budget process to Nurse Manager(s), Administrative Supervisor(s) and/or appropriate designee.
10. Chairs and/or participates at meeting committees, councils, task force for the purpose of accomplishing the departmental and organizational goals and objectives and maintaining excellence in patient care.
11. Performs Nurse Leader Rounding to monitor patient experience, to identify opportunities for improving the patient experience and to promote a culture of excellence in nursing delivery of care.
12. In collaboration with the Administrator of Patient Care, works on strategies to promote patient experience such as coaching on hourly rounding and rounding with purpose.
13. In collaboration with the Administrator of Patient Care and the Administrative Director of Service Excellence, monitors, evaluates and promotes behaviors that insure a positive and safe patient experience of quality care.
14. Participates in the development of the annual Performance Improvement plan based on organizational priorities, the ANA Nursing Sensitive Indicators and other initiatives as determined by service line teams.
15. Based on collaborative analysis of the data, leads management team to develop plans for improvement and assure sustainable compliance.
16. Ensures Nurse Manager(s) and Administrative Supervisor(s) accountability for ongoing CQI monitoring.
17. Directs and Supervises Nursing Instructor(s) Unit Based Performance Improvement and assists in creating and approving an action plan to address opportunities and hardwire required change.
18. Monitors departmental nursing indicators to assure a culture of accountability and promote patient safety by hardwiring evidence based nursing practices at the 'bed side'.
19. In collaboration with the Nurse Manager(s) and Administrative Supervisor(s), determines scheduling and staffing patterns to ensure appropriate distribution of personnel resources, monitoring of scheduling patterns/ practices and monitoring of over utilization of personnel resources.
20. Creates a work environment that ensures inter and intra departmental systems/processes are efficient and effective in alleviating work intensity at the unit level.
21. Acts as a 'Retention Officer' to insure that high quality staff are recruited and retained.
22. Promotes staff satisfaction by engaging in reward and recognition and by collaborating with the Unit Based Council.
23. Ensures staff attends appropriate orientation programs and ongoing clinical education to meet performance expectations.
24. Establishes corrective action plans for sustained resolution of identified problems.
25. Ensures all nursing research activities are directed through the Research council and when appropriate through the IRB.
26. Ensures that the Standards of Care and the Standards of Professional Performance, as developed by the ANCC are framework for all decision-making and program development for the Department of Patient Care.
27. Collaborates with the Department of Patient Experience and Service Excellence to ensure a culture of accountability and excellent patient experience.
28. Maintains effective leadership abilities, including the ability to develop and evaluate options, recommend solutions and implement change in a positive forward-thinking manner.
29. Identifies the needs of the patient population served and modifies and delivers care that is specific to those needs (i.e., age, culture, language, hearing and/or visually impaired, etc.). This process includes communicating with the patient, parent, and/or primary caregiver(s) at their level (developmental/age, educational, literacy, etc.).
30. Adheres to the standards identified in the Medical Center's Organizational and Managerial Competencies.
Working Conditions:
Education, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:
1. Graduate of a NLN/AACN accredited program in nursing.
2. Masters in nursing or related health field.
3. A minimum of five years management experience in an acute care setting.
Education, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Preferred:
1. Minimum of 5 year experience in emergency nursing or critical care nursing.
Licenses and Certifications Required:
1. NJ State Professional Registered Nurse License.
Licenses and Certifications Preferred:
1. Specialty Certification in Nursing.
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